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La nostra prima categoria di oggi : "Ornitologia". What has happened today is deeply troubling. Cherish yesterday, live today, dream tomorrow Did you have today in a pool?

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What happened today is just a sample. La specialit di oggi un piromane seriale. Tempo di risposta: 193. EnglishI have no doubt that today s debate will show that we are on the right track here.

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The veritable Stun, as of today. Those clothes are not worn today, as they have gone out of style. And, as of today, nobody has found one.

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Our special today is serial arsonist. Ad oggi, il risultato di tale esame il seguente: 90 linee di bilancio sono state temporaneamente sospese. Dichiarazioni in vigore ad oggi, cronologia completa, that changed my life quite dramatically, and as of today, I have almost 1,000 babies in my two centers. But more consumption today would further aggravate the pollution problem. Quell'episodio mi ha cambiato la vita, e ad oggi ho quasi 1000 cuccioli nei miei due centri.

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Che da oggi Camp Genoa ufficialmente chiuso. EnglishI also thank you for having today appointed Giscard d ' Estaing as its Chairman. Actually, as of today,. CommentRichiedi la revisione della frase. A week from today After last night's rain, it's much cooler today.