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Some banks and credit unions will require that you use a third party money transfer service to initiate an ACH transfer. So before sending funds electronically, its important to make sure you really know who youre sending money.

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Sign up* today and start enjoying the membership benefits! The sender of a wire transfer first pays for the transaction up front at his bank. By joining, you authorize us to send an automated text message to your mobile number with program materials and request consent to send future promotional texts. Fees, about 25, up to 5, up.

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There are three ways to send funds from one bank account to another. Popmoney, offered by financial services company Fiserv, is the more common of the two, and it is available at more than 1,400 banks and credit unions including six of the 10 largest banks. How, transfers, work, wire Transfers, to send funds via wire transfer, you will need to provide your bank with information about the recipients account. Otherwise, the recipient will need to provide a routing number and account number to receive the funds. Our phone system, also provided by Via Wire, is an internet based system, which enables us to have the flexibility of having our usual phone numbers at whichever location were working from.

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When choosing a money transmitter, carefully compare both transfer fees and exchange rates. Confusion between these two numbers is often the cause of wire transfers being rejected. Even if it is, by the time BT have managed to survey the site, weve completed the project.

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Use of the PCard often results in a more favorable exchange rate on small dollar purchases and the elimination of transaction fees to your account. Western Union reserves the right to offer promotional discounts that cannot be combined with My WU transfer fee reductions. Pay, earn reward points* for the money you send.