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Users can enroll multiple devices. (It would contain your private key and can compromise the security of your token.) Register your token with Duo 2-factor authentication through VT Account Manager. This ldap Action should have the Search Filter configured to prevent unenrolled users from authenticating. Full name that is set on the accounts profile (First Name Last Name).

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Extract file that you just downloaded. Scroll down, and click SingleAuthManageOTP. (If you forgot your passphrase, follow the instructions at Reset VT Username (PID) Passphrase.) Important : If you receive an automatic call or push notification, in the browser, click the Cancel button.

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For details on how to enable MA for Exchange Online tenants, see Enable Modern Authentication in Exchange Online. Use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode in the Configure mobile app dialog. Select the Landline radio button. Under the Privacy heading, click the Content settings.

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To authenticate: If you are using Chrome, tap your YubiKey, and it will authenticate with the U2F key. The statistics shown are: aaa_otp_tot_verify_success Total number of successful OTP verifications. Top of the page I Don't Want the Duo App on My Phone You can use your phone as your second factor without using the Duo App. The upper-right corner of the YubiKey Personalization Tool window should display YubiKey is inserted, and the Serial number fields below it should show the serial number that is written on the back.

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To rate and review, sign. On the Add New Device screen, select the U2F Token radio button.

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No basic authentication policies should be attached to the NetScaler Gateway vServer. If you have only one device and it is not a phone, you will not be able to receive SMS messages.

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Note the only licensed users can use 2FA. Set it up now on the sign in screen and follow the instructions below: Set up multi-factor authentication in Office 365 (Image Credit: Russell Smith) On the Additional security verification screen, select Mobile app from the menu below Step 1: How should we contact you?