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Realize that Bcash is made by the enemies of bitcoin, people who support a more centralized coin with an inferior developer team. If someone would sell that idea to you, wouldnt that sound kind of stupid? Bitcoin Gold is a protest of the growing power and centralization of miners. So you had two choices either wait longer for your transaction to be processed or pay a higher fee to get it processed faster.

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Here is why Bcash is a scam and only mentally underprivileged people call it Bitcoin Cash: Bitcoin has a team of the smartest developers you can imagine and most of them work voluntarily since years to make bitcoin better, more secure, keep it decentralized. Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin Gold (soon to release a network).

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Due to the nature of the fork, everybody who owned Bitcoin now owned an equivalent amount of Bitcoin Cash. You can keep it and wait if its value increases more than the value of Bitcoin. Proponents of Bitcoin Cash m says that Bitcoin Cash is the real bitcoin. The real danger is this: soft forks are reversible, because following the new rules is optional. Bitcoin Cash is a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

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Bcash has no infrastructure and no support. He also announced that Bitcoin Cash is equally exciting as starting a new sovereign nation. Bcash will be way more centralized as running a full Bcash node is more expensive in terms of hardware and traffic costs than running a full Bitcoin node.

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However, you forget that bitcoin and some cryptocurrency have real values when it's backed by community, people use it as currency and adaption by merchant or company. So, where are the benefits of Bcash? A better word might be airdrop. As you might know from your own profession in less than half a year, you are very far from being a expert in anything.

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Like the Internet itself, the network is always. It's a permissionless, decentralized cryptocurrency that requires no trusted third parties and no central bank. It could be even slower. Craig Wright who claims.