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Belrand Nord Solitude, in The Winking Skeever. I wisould have married Blazing badass Teldryn Sero fills all top ten of my list. Argis the Bulwark, nord, markarth,.

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These are the final three eligible females, but theres much more to discuss on the male side. Setessential "The ID you found". Forsworn might also invade from time to time and can kill him when youre not around. To figure out the ID number you need to type the following into the console.

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It change the appearance of some Npcs and make others follower and marriageable. Quintus Navale Imperial Windhelm, in White Phial Services. My heart is forever broken that the Dunmer spellsword can neither marry nor become a steward so we could have at least lived together. Athis is a member of the Companions who can be a follower or spouse, as well as one-handed skill trainer, level capped. I dont know if he qualifies as a hottie (maybe if he lost that hat but hes young and sweet and roughly the male equivalent of Muiri.

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He shares a house with Tuthul (who is kind of hot looking and has a cool mohawk, but isnt a marriage candidate why?). Romlyn Dreth is a bootlegger with a small home under the city of Riften. But what about those conservative, patriotic, family-values, Talos-worshipping Stormcloaks? I imagine they can, since they have to have the wedding in Riften?

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Theres only one Altmer (female) and one Redguard (also female) who can be married or two Redguard women if you install the Hearthfire DLC. Take note, if you do not set the NPC as essential, when they die, you may lose the NPC for good. Sondas Drenim Dark Elf Goldenrock Mine in Darkwater Crossing. He has a sweet disposition while also being a badass fighter, and possesses one of the softer Nord voices in the game. She may also take over the family business if her brother dies.

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This lore article or section is in need of immediate attention because: Should be turned into lore page discussing different marriage customs for various cultures. To do this, you need to set the NPC's relationship level. In, skyrim, you can marry anyone of any gender or race. Odfel is a Nord who shares a small house with an orc and whose claim to fame is a unique pickaxe called Rocksplinter. Njada are both Nords and trainers, in archery and blocking respectively.

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Ria is an Imperial. Riften, in, the Scorched Hammer. After the wedding, all male and female spouses will give you a homecooked meal and 100 septims a day.