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Fiat Exchange Rates Example Request curl Example Response "time " 16:59:19 "rates "MXN "name "Mexican Peso "rate "17.48512", "USD "name "United States Dollar "rate "1", "JPY "name "Japanese Yen "rate "112.5204", "KRW "name "South Korean Won "rate "1161.976675", Returns global fiat exchange rates used. For each order pair, you should have two.mat files to work with. The unsubscribe message does not close the connect but removes symbols from the response. URL wss:m/websocket/ticker This channel returns data for one currency.

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Additional Project Details, languages, english. Symbol_Set Description Example Global This set provides global symbols that are derived from the Local currency markets. Requests, all authenticated requests must contain this header: X-signature, containing timestamp, public_key and digest_value, note: These values are dot (.) separated URL safe strings timestamp.

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Example: btcusd Custom Ticker Example Request curl -H "X-Testing: testing" Example Response "bid "price 2774.53, "timestamp, "ask "price 2776.85, "last "price 2776.85 Returns ticker values and price changes for specified symbol_set and symbol. Rename the variables however you please but make sure to check line 34 and change c_btc; to which ever pair youre waiting to gather data from. Access to our API is rate limited depending on the users plan.

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With ignored exchanges a "ignore_reason" is provided http request GET m/exchanges/state permissions No permissions required URL parameters Parameter Required Description state True Filter with specific state. They are grouped by their market, local, global, crypto and tokens. Sgcroteau Posted 02/16/2014 8 users found this review helpful.

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After doing so, we then use cellfun to remove all empty cells in the array. Example Subscribe Message "event "message "data "operation "subscribe "options "currency "btcusd "symbol_set "global" Example Unsubscribe Message "event "message "data "operation "unsubscribe "options "currency "btcusd "symbol_set "global" Example Response "event "message "data "local ", ",., "global ", " M Below you can find descriptions for each symbol_set. Feel free to leave a reply if you have any questions. The world's best and longest running Cryptocurrency price API provider.

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Historical Data Example Request curl Example Response "time " 17:40:00 "average 418.81, "time " 17:39:00 "average 418.57, "time " 17:38:00 "average 418.57, "time " 17:37:00 "average 418.7, "time " 17:36:00 "average 418.68, "time " 17:35:00 "average 418.57, Return historical ticker data for 'symbol'. If you wish to check our server time please use the constants/time" endpoint. Options: global, local,crypto, tokens source_cur True Source currency code. Example: btcusd period False Data set period.

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This prevents replay attacks. Clone or download, clone with https, use Git or checkout with SVN using the web URL. An example for subscribing to the single ticker endpoint would be: received public KEY Notes. Step 3 - Finally we can compose the value that needs to be used in the X-signature header. The unsubscribe message automatically closes the websocket connection.