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9 The final shot of the monster, similar to the creature Clover seen in the first Cloverfield movie, was a shot that the production team came to recognize as a further way to link the films. A b Kroll, Justin (May 5, 2016). Strange though its moments of horror are, we'd have liked to have seen the elements of surrealism taken further - a movie where the characters have to deal with the psychological toll of a disintegrating reality would've felt far more fresh than the Gravity -like. A German named Schmidt is dismissed as humorless and compared to Werner Herzog. David Oyelowo as Kiel, the American commander of the station.

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Roger Davies as Michael Hamilton, Ava's husband. Abrams saw the particle accelerator accident as a cinematic means for future events to cause changes in the past, narratively linking the Cloverfield franchise together. Take that data, feed it in to some of the most powerful computers that exist which are running millions of lines of dedicated computer code in an effort to show that this Higgs idea, this Higgs particle is real. Hamilton decides to return to their universe with Schmidt and makes a recording for her alternate universe self, giving her the plans for the Shepard device and stressing the importance of her family. In Paradox, the particle smashing results in another side-effect, where reality itself appears to be on the verge of falling apart - hence the screaming woman in the wall (Elizabeth Debicki the explosive worm vomiting, and Chris O'Dowd's crawling arm.

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Sophia: A Higgs field. The basic premise is that some particles, like protons and neutrons, have mass. But the problem is this, when they studied those equations in detail they found that if particles had mass, the symmetry between the equations would be spoiled.

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10 In March 2015, Paramount decided to close the InSurge label; The Cellar had been moved under the main Paramount label, but God Particle 's fate was unclear. In that light, let us look again at the numbers of the God particle, 2808, the Key, and 82944 the mass factor: 2808 is indeed the key. And by that I mean if the mass of a particle comes from its interaction with an environmental influence, this Higgs ocean that surrounds us, then you can show that the equations can preserve their elegant symmetry and the particles can get their mass from.

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Rather than compete with that year's big theatrical releases head-on, Cloverfield 's marketing department used viral websites and alternate reality games to drum up interest. So to try to find this delicate little signature of this little Higgs' particle falling apart against this chaotic maelstrom of other particle processes that are taking place, well, that's like trying to hear a tiny, delicate whisper over the thundering, deafening din. Since he had never considered the number before, the physicist puzzled over its significance and then began doing further calculations.

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According insiders speaking to The Wrap, Paramount executives believed handing off the release to Netflix was an easy way to get instant return on the film, and the surprise reveal and release a good way to keep in line with the mysterious mystique in the. A b Kroll, Justin (November 30, 2012).

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23 Alongside the renaming, Paramount reslotted the film's release from February 2017 to October 2017, to give more time for post-production. Chris O'Dowd as Mundy, an Irish engineer.